The Story

Hakuouki ~ Shinsengumi Kitan (薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜) is a role-playing video series series by Idea Factory. It was released for the Playstation 2 in 2008 and then later ported to Playstation 3 (2010). It is also available on the Playstation Portable/PSP (2009), Nintendo DS (2009) and soon to be Nintendo 3DS (2012). The series has been adopted into anime and manga.

The story is set near the conclusion of the Japanese Edo period, three years after the Bunkyuu era which dated between Feb. 19, 1861 to Feb. 20, 1864).

The series begins with the heroine, Yukimura Chizuru, in search for her father. He was a doctor who had moved to Kyoto to work, leaving her behind in their hometown, Edo. Upon arriving in the city, she witnessed the activities of a few criminals and was saved by the Shinsengumi. Due to their common interest in looking for her father, she was taken into custody and protected by them.

Over the course of time with the special police force, Chizuru learned the secrets involving a fictional medicine, Ochimizu. This of which provided superhuman strength to those who consumed the potion, as well as, its extremely negative side effectives. Also, she experienced actual historical events of the Shinsengumi -- their struggles with the Bakumatsu group and downfall.

The Gentleman and Lady

Hijikata Toshizo was second-in-command of the Shinsengumi and served as the decision maker. Due to his extreme strict ways, the nickname of oni-fukuchou (demon lieutenant) was given to him. Not only he is extremely thoughtful and mature, he held high respect for women.

Hijikata was the one who brought Chizuru back to their headquarters. Though, he acted in dismay of her involvement with the Shinsengumi, Chizuru's safety and welfare were his priorities. This is evident during battles when he became extremely protective of her.

He was based on the infamous historical figure with the same name and voiced by Miki Shinichiro.

Yukimura Chizuru is a younger teen-aged girl from Edo who had disguised herself as a boy to search for her missing parent. She is a pure-blood oni and possessed a gentle and caring nature.

Her friendship and reputation with the Shinsengumi remained good as their adventures. She also became their messenger and often went on patrol with the main members.

As a pure oni, her blood possessed special properties which temporarily relieved the terrible side effects of Ochimizu. She was extremely eager to help those suffering by offering the remedy, especially Hijikata.

She was voiced by Kuwashima Houko.

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